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My love affair with Cambridge college chapels continues. My HDR skillz have increased slightly and a whole day with my camera put my eye in well. Look and see.

All taken with permission. None for sale.

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Catz Alter - Beautiful light range here.
Catz Candles - HDR brings out the brass.
Catz Carving - The love that goes into chapel buildings shows itself again.
Catz Metal - The famous wheel motif, very well used.
Pembroke Alter - The marble pillars are awesome in here.
Pembroke Graffiti - Past choristers have left their marks.
Pembroke Flowers - The painting and the lilies just jump out or the scene at you. Or they did at me anyhow...
Sidney Sussex - Interesting lighting.
Peterhouse Alter - The blue hue from the window smoke is offset by the gold inlay on the ceiling. Beautiful
Peterhouse Organ - Which also shows off some of the awesome Peterhouse glass. This place has the most impressive glass in Cambridge (next to Kings')
Peterhouse Plaque - Very odd photo, but I like it. Jpeg HDRs do interesting things.
Date added: 14th September 2008
Date taken: 13 - Sept - 08
Categories: Cambridge Colleges, Cambridge Views
Tags: Pembroke, Sidney, Sussex, Sidney, Catz, St, Catherines, College, Greg, Dickens, Art, HDR, Chapel, Cambridge, Peterhouse
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