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Hawthorn Shield Bug. On a Daisy. In Cambridge. It sometimes works. But who cares either way. I mean life's too short to worry right? It's like roller-skates isn't it, not the fastest way to travel, but great fun. One of these days, he's going to learn how to do this elegantly, but not today, definitely, not today...

Grantchester Meadows. Fat Tailed Scorpion. Found this youngster under a rock in South Africa. < Azure Damselfly in Grantchester Meadows. > This grasshopper was bouncing about while I was meant to be learning how to capture giraffes. But I was bored. What's so difficult about capturing giraffes anyway? Fly, shoot, wait, chase, tie up, push over, wake up, load onto lorry.

So, yeah, grass hopper had my interest.

As usual - Ixus punching above its weight.  So...er...fly...holy...er.

Cheating scum depth of field work? Yes.

Using a fake fly 'cos real ones fly away? No.

There are some things money can't buy, for everything else, there's trickery.  It's worked every other time he's tried. But it's like a parachute isn't it: it only needs to go wrong once. One of these days gravity is going to notice his japes. But not today, hopefully, not today...

Grantchester Meadows.

Azure Damselfly in Grantchester Meadows.
Azure Damselfly in Grantchester Meadows.

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