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A very chilled out, green praying mantis. South Africa Fiesty mantis. Trying to get a shot of this included following it for about five minutes while it would just not stop moving. South Africa again. It has to work. Just this one time. The escape has to happen he can only try once. It's like a rocket launch, isn't it? Months of planning, hours of effort, for this one single chance. This one day will change his life. It might go wrong, but not today, no way, not today...

Grantchester Meadows. < Grantchester Meadows. The male Banded Damoiselle.  > This guy is an ancient. All the rest of his generation died months ago, there were elytra all over the ground and yet he trundles on.

The sun flashes over head, chasing the moon at break-neck speed. The land fades green then yellow then brown and then green again, and still he trundles on.

The knobbles on his back worn shiny by time, he walks with a purpose that cannot be dulled, that is to trundle on. 

So, yeah. A Toctoci beetle. South Africa Grantchester Meadows. A female Banded Damoiselle - A type of damselfly. End of Gallery

Grantchester Meadows. The male Banded Damoiselle.
Grantchester Meadows. The male Banded Damoiselle.

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