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A collection of insect (and, yes, one arachnid) shots taken before 2008.

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Formica Rufa - Young worker female
Photo 2
Photo 3
Photo 4
Photo 5
Photo 6
Dragon Fly - Taken on a friend's camera in Iringa, Tanzania
Formica Rufa - The Wood Ant - Nest in Dorset
Actias Selene - Indian Moon Moth - These were flying around my room in Selwyn
Male Tick - decided my arm was good place for a workout
Hoverfly (sp?) - On oak tree
Phyllium (Sp?) - Male Leaf Insect - On a banana plant
Date added: 21st February 2008
Date taken: Various (pre 2008)
Categories: Wildlife
Tags: insects, insecta, arachnid, tick, hoverfly, butterfly, moth, moon, ant, nest, leaf, dragon, fly, dragonfly
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